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Significant Shift

posted Jan 20, 2011 15:48:31 by Dekeyser15
At around the middle of the poem there was a shift in power. In the beginning the person that the author was writing about had the power. The author was singing, walking, and dancing and the other character just stood there and laughed at the author. He or she kept on laughing and laughing, but it then backfired on them. Their laughter was ice-block laughter and it froze their voice, eyes, tongue, and inside. Now the powers shifted to the author because it was her turn to laugh. You could almost say that this shift in power was a change in heart. The author had a kind heart and could have been mean and laughed at the other character but instead chose the right thing to do. Okara chose to melt the other character's cold heart by giving him a second chance.
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