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yea thats funny...jerk

posted Jan 19, 2011 16:25:25 by goodreartires10
The significance of this title shows how one person can have great fun of making fun of someone else but once the tables turn its not funny anymore. I think that the title is telling people not to make fun of others because if you do, you will regret it. The one person who was laughing and making fun of everything that one person was doing thought it was a great idea to do this to that person. But after awhile there was really nothing to laugh for that person to laugh at anymore. Once there was nothing to say anymore, the person who was taking all this persons crap now had the upper hand. The person who was taking it was not getting their payback in a mean way but as in revenge. The “taker” of the minupulation had every right to get back at this person who was making fun of them but even so it is not really right to do the same to them as what was done to themselve. But the whole meaning of this is to not do wrong ro others as others have done to you….yeah win…
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JessicaPhelps2192 said Jan 19, 2011 16:49:31
I like how you portrayed this poem and the title of it. Maybe you could have added some quotes, however, proving your point. For example, “Black mask red mask, you white-and-black masks” (2). That quote could help explain more on why the word masks is in the title. I feel in this poem the author is categorizing the certain people in different groups considering on how they look. You also could have described the significance of the word prayer in the title. Like if prayer is an honor towards the masks or insulting them. I agree with you on the karma aspect of this poem – what goes around really does come back around.
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