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Where is it?

posted Jan 19, 2011 16:45:21 by ilovekatelynn
The significance of the questions the author uses is to help the reader understand the frustration she has for people that live in Tegucigalpa. She wants people to understand that the people of Tegucigalpa look at life differently. The last line in the first stanza someone asked the old man that kept parrots and moneys, “por que?” and the man responded “love.” The author was trying to show that the old man had nothing to live for besides his animals and that’s what made him happy. She wanted the readers to understand that many people do not live for the material things and there are more things that are important. Another question the author uses relates to the title of the poem. In the second line of the second stanza the author uses the question, “where is it?” Relating back to the title “No One Thinks of Tegucigalpa”, this question show that no one knows where it is and there for, that person never thought about the country.
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