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Well, someone thinks of Tegucigalpa.

posted Jan 19, 2011 16:29:57 by Seancorc
In "No One Thinks Of Tegucigalpa" by Namoi Nye, a small, unpopular area is described through itself and its inhabitants. The writer refers to Tegucigalpa as a place that everyone else, or outsiders ("they") don't really care about. "They don't want to hear about Tegucigalpa because it makes / them feel like a catalogue of omissions" (9-10). However, Nye looks down on these people, referring to them negatively as people who talk "As if Houston were everything" (11). Here, we know Naomi Nye disagrees strongly with the sentiment that Tegucigalpa is nothing, especially when she describes the place, talking about its population and what happens. Through the people, she gives Tegucigalpa character, as if she's saying "yes, this place is significant in its own way." To her, to the people that live there, this place is important, and it's something that the people who DON'T live there can't really recognize or appreciate. In this way, Nye is showing a great appreciation for cultural diversity, as she gives Tegucigalpa worth based on its "personality" as a place, with its people, making a claim for how important it is in itself.
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ilovekatelynn said Jan 20, 2011 16:00:23
When I responded to this poem I never thought to think of it this way. What I said when I responded what that no one thought about Tegucigalpa, I forgot about the author that wrote the poem. The author wanted people to know about this place and understand what it’s like to live there and the people are not the same as what everyone is used to. The people that live there are not materialistic and do not need all the things that people in other countries say they "need".
Dekeyser15 said Jan 20, 2011 16:10:08
I think that you have a point here. I to think that Nye has strong feelings about Tegucigalpa. Nye really tries to convince the readers that Tegucigalpa is not a bad place. I however find it hard to believe because of the first three lines, "No one thinks of Tegucigalpa, unless you are the man/at the Christmas party who sells weapons to Honduras/and smilingly bets on war". If this is true that this place sells weapons to Honduras then I do not think that it is a place to convince someone to think about it. I agree though that Nye does do a great job making the place look good because of the people and the explanation of their innocence.
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