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Weak Vocabulary but strong structure can make for an impactful poem

posted Jan 19, 2011 03:17:40 by jgcabs
In this poem, Rita Joe uses a very weak vocabulary but combines it with short, blunt sentence structure to make for a powerful poem. This poem is very easy to understand, and even easier to grasp whats happening due to the author choice of using a child level vocabulary. Arguably the most challenging word in the entire piece would have to be "scrambled" or "ballad". The poem's short sentence structure, however, does make for an instant connection between the reader and the victim who "Lost my talk". The reader sees the victim begging for her "talk" through subtle anger and reasoning. As a reader I sense many feelings of anger throughout the poem, especially in line two when the author writes, "The talk you took away" and in line five when the author says, "You snatched it away". In these lines the victim confronts the person that stole her talk and basically says by stealing my voice you stole a part of me. The victim also tries to find a soft spot by trying to make a personal connection through reasoning. The victim says, "I speak like you/ I think like you/ I create like you". The writer used anger and reasoning to win the readers over and although the poem lacks a strong vocabulary, the emotional feeling make this poem successful.
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katelynnthewonderful said Jan 20, 2011 06:19:14
I completely agree with Max in his review. He did a great job describing the pieces of the poem and the forcefulness of the "short, blunt sentence structure". The poem is meant to be powerful and make one feel bad for this student who got their “talk” taken away. Max shows in his review that he understands and completely supports his theory of the vocabulary being weak but the poem as a whole is strong.
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