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Short And Simple And To The Point

posted Jan 19, 2011 16:26:37 by JessicaPhelps2192
I believe the author, Rita Joe, chose the words and sentence structure she did for one main reason – to get her point across strongly and quickly. Her longest sentence only has eight words, “So gently I offer my hand and ask,/ (13). Rita Joe used very few and simple words, so all the reads can easily understand what the poem is about, and not get sick of reading it for being too long and boring. In stanza two, Rita says, “You snatched it away:/ I speak like you/ I think like you/ I create like you” (5-8). Those rather simple lines the author used for her sentence structure prove she is very serious on her topic. She is extremely upset about not having her own freedom of speech, someone took it from her. If the author would have used longer sentences, she would have made the poem sound like she wants us to feel sorry for her. With using the short sentences, the author’s word choice and the meaning of the poem that we portray, does get our sympathy. She only gets it, though, because she doesn’t sound like she is begging for it. Normally when people are upset or angry about something, they don’t want to say much to express themselves. They try and say the least amount of words they can to clearly pronounce their point, like the author did.
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goodreartires10 said Jan 19, 2011 16:47:04
so i agree with like almost everything you say even though you do write way to much but i guess youre just cool like that. but anyways to get back on topic i agree that with the simpiler lines that she has makes the poem more of in your face and shes telling you how she really feels about all this. the longer sentences would have butchered the poem. and yeah the shorter sentences make her seem more upset since with most people who are upset barely
katelynnthewonderful said Jan 20, 2011 16:39:13
I agree with what you say about being short and simple and to the point. It puts it in a more personal view. I completely agree with JessicaPhelps2192 when she says “Those rather simple lines the author used for her sentence structure prove she is very serious on her topic.” That is spoken so perfectly. When people are trying to prove a point, I feel like the best way is to make it short and sweet.
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