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Appreciation or Not?

posted Jan 19, 2011 16:34:43 by NatalieAldean23
This poem is a bad example of how we appreciate cultural diversity. Many people do not know where many products they buy come from but they do not care where their product came from. I feel that if a product came from a country in poverty people would appreciate the cultures more. They would try to help the people by buying more products to help them get through. Many people know that if people from a poor country make a product they will work hard and make their product dependable. We might think that you visit the culture you would think it is beautiful. You really do not know how hard these people’s lives actually are. Many people do not want to talk about poverty countries because they feel bad for the culture. For example, the poem says, “they don’t want to hear about Tegucigalpa because it makes/ them feel like a catalogue of omissions. Where is it?” (9-10). These people are only worrying about themselves and do not care about any one else.
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ilovekatelynn said Jan 19, 2011 16:53:53
I totally agree with you. It angers me that this is how many people view these problems. People in other countries that have it better look the other way because they do not want to realize how bad they could have it. Many of these people could do something about it and try to make a change but things like this never happen. Too many people in this world are more worried about ways for them to get more wealthy instead of thinking of ways to help other people improve their lives.
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