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You Laughed and Laughed and Laughed

posted Jan 18, 2011 02:58:59 by NatalieAldean23
This Poem starts out as a mockery toward the author but then it shifts to make fun of the other character. This lines where the poem shift is: "But your laughter was an ice block" (21) "And now it is my turn to laugh" (25). These lines implicate that something happened to the character and now it is the authors turn to make fun of the person who was giving them a hard time. This poem shows that you should not make fun of someone because it could come back to haunt you. This author shows a character that gets made fun of all the time. The character is starting to get sick of getting made fun of when all of a sudden things change. It is now time for the character to get back at the other person and show him how it feels. Many people could take this poem as a life lesson because it shows how not to do bad things because they will always follow you back and bite you in the butt. The shift is very significant because it shows the lesson of the situation.
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goodreartires10 said Jan 18, 2011 16:07:10
I agree with your statement because at the beginning the person is getting jocked on by another person. The person who is taking it is not digging it so much. So i suppose this poem has like a meaning to it that you should not make fun of people because like you said the person who was making fun of the other person gets it right back in their face. so in other words it is better not to make fun of people because they can do the same back to you.....
tparsons93 said Jan 20, 2011 15:52:12
I also agree with your statement. You made a very valid point by saying that even though if someone is laughing at you for uncalled for reasons, not nice about you, or talking about your back, you should not do the same to them. It is best to be the bigger person and kill them with kindness. I also liked how you said “it will come back to haunt you”, because that is also true. Nothing good comes out of talking about people!
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