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The White devil

posted Jan 18, 2011 16:20:09 by goodreartires10
Since Wheatley used to be a former slave and she wanted her voice to be heard about how she was treated by the white devil, it probably upset a lot of former slave owners. Former slave owners do not want word getting out about the way they treated another human being. I can see how former owners could get upset because if they go into town, they will be the one that no one wants to be around. With all the news getting out about these slave owners it will spread like wildfire into other towns. If only certain people knew about these acts in one town, now more and more towns will know about these individuals. I believe that once more and more people know about these slave owners they will be hurting in society. I would not be surprised if all these plantation owners would go to the author and get revenge on her for writing these stories and poems. Even though she means no harm I am sure no good will come out of this......
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