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Creating A Strong Specific Tone To Express Your True Feelings

posted Jan 18, 2011 05:06:19 by JessicaPhelps2192
In this poem, lines 25-27 stuck out the most to me and created the most specific tone. Those lines are: “Yeah, it was awful what you guys/ did to us./ It’s real decent of you to apologize.” The author, Diane Burns, clearly is very upset with whoever keeps asking all the racist questions. When the author says, “It was awful what you guys/ did to us” (25-26), that truly shows how ticked off she is. Diane is very mad that people keep asking her all these questions about her race, and she is fed up with it. She proves it by expressing herself very well in this poem. When the author says, “It’s real decent of you to apologize” (27), she is being completely sarcastic. She knows the ignorant people asking her those questions like: what race she is, where she gets her high cheekbones from, or where to get Navajo rugs real cheap, that they don’t think they’re being rude or hurting her feelings at all. However, they really are. The author thinks the least they could do is apologize, but she knows they don’t even have enough manners to do that. That is why she said that comment sarcastically.
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ilovekatelynn said Jan 20, 2011 16:14:59
I could not have said it any better myself! I completely agree with your opinion of this poem. The author is showing how ignorant people of different races are towards her and she is very offended by it. Like in your post you mention that the lines 25-28 stuck out to you, they also stuck out to me as well. She wants the other person asking the questions to realize that she does not like how the questions are making her feel and like you said she starts to get sarcastic.
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