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posted Jan 18, 2011 16:38:59 by ilovekatelynn
The punctuation in the poem, “Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question”, helps to show emotion or in this case lack of. In the beginning the Native American does not seem to be thrilled to talk to the other speaker. The way the punctuation is used helps to prove that the Native American is not into the conversation. The way the sentences end with a period makes them sound short and snappy or even annoyed. The Native American was probably annoyed with the questions that the other speaker was asking him because the last line of the poem the Native American says, “no, I do not know where you can get Navajo rugs real cheap.” This line seems to me like it was the last straw for him and he was done answering questions. Throughout the poem the person asking the questions seemed like at first he wanted to get to know him but as he continued to ask questions I think the Native American got offended.
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