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Overall Structure

posted Jan 18, 2011 16:13:19 by festivalfoods
When you first start to read "I Lost my Talk" you can already tell that it is going to be a sad kind of tone throughout the whole poem. She starts to describe what someone took from her at what age and where. In the second stanza she described on how you took it away and how she is just like you. Why do you want me to be just like you? In the third stanza I feel like she is talking about the way you always taught her to act like and then her way that she just realized when she grew up with out you around. But realized that your way is the right way to go about things. And finally, the last stanza. She wants to find herself by herself. She asks for the persons permission to please let her go and be and find out things for her own good. She needs to learn somehow.
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Dekeyser15 said Jan 18, 2011 16:43:50
I have to agree that the tone of the poem is a sad one. I do not however agree that the "you" character taught her how to act. She was more like an independent person to begin with much like a free spirit. Then the "you" character came along and took that away from her. I do not think that his or her intentions were to teach her anything, but to do it just because he could. I agree that she asks for her talk back, but not to find anything out for herself. I think that she wants to teach the person about herself.
JewFro123 said Jan 19, 2011 16:28:50
I agree with you. The girl she is describing is oppressed and fighting through a battle within herself. I didn't see any quotations in your post, which doesn't make it a strong one. I liked how you described each stanza and how you said she needs to learn somehow, but how? I like to think in stanza four, she doesn't want to ask "you" for permission anymore. She wants to be her own person now.
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