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I vs.You

posted Jan 18, 2011 16:19:59 by ilovekatelynn
In the poem I Lost My Talk, the "I" character is a girl that was from another nationality. She is very upset with the "you" character, which I believe to be the teacher. When she was a little girl she went to Shubenacadie School, where the teachers made her change the way she talked because they did not understand it. This upset the girl because the teachers did not give her a chance to be herself. Line 6-8, she says, “I speak like you/ I think like you/ I create like you.” Even though the girl did not agree with how the teachers treated her she did what they wanted anyway. The last line of the poem she says, "Let me find my talk/ so I can teach you about me. This line shows her frustration with the teachers because all she wanted was to be able to help everyone else understand her culture and language but, because she went though school being someone else she never had that chance.
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NatalieAldean23 said Jan 18, 2011 19:31:50
I agree with your statement about this poem. It is definitely showing some frustration toward the teacher and how this little girl is upset that she could not speak her native language at school. All the little girl wants to do is speak what she believes and for more people to learn about her. You are correct when you say that she does not have a chance to teach anyone about her culture. No one wants to listen about her way of life.
katelynnthewonderful said Jan 20, 2011 15:24:43
I also agree with mzimmerman. The poem did show a lot of frustration. The girl felt like she had to do what the teachers wanted no matter what. They were the powerhouse of the school they were in. The girl didn't have the power to do anything about them controlling her besides writing a poem like this. I like the line that mzimmerman wrote “This upset the girl because the teachers did not give her a chance to be herself”. This is very well said.
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