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you fancy huh?

posted Jan 17, 2011 17:45:25 by kelkleine
The effect of putting a period after each sentence makes it seem like its more in your face and it’s making her point come across more clearly. The shorter sentences that she has made with the poem, have more of an attitude and just tells you what’s up and how she really feels. I think that if she would have made these into longer sentences, it would not have its point as well. The poem really shows you how she feels about how her people were treated way back when like with the fourth last sentence, “Yeah, it was awful what you guys did to us.” Now that sentence truly tells you, yeah she is not to impressed with us White people and how we treated the Indians like trash. Even though I do not agree with her because I think it is time for them to get over it and stop complaining since they can do just about whatever they want now like spear fish whenever they want and pretty much ruin the wildlife by taking out to much at one time….
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kelkleine said Jan 18, 2011 02:17:53
Well, you go off on a tangent here, but go back to your point you make with "Now that sentence truly tells you..." What is the exact emotion that she portrays with line 25? Anger? Despair? Sarcasm? Frustration? What other lines show this same emotion?

You also mention that "putting a period after each sentence makes it seem like its more in your face." What series of short sentences with a period do this? What type of mood would a person be in who is talking like this? Stand-offish? Annoyed? Interested? How do you know?
goodreartires10 said Jan 18, 2011 15:56:09
The emotion that she portrayed with line twenty five would probably have to be frustration. When she was talking about what we did to her people she seemed frustrated because an apology would not really be good enough for our actions. Along with the next statement i believe that the mood someone would have to be in would have to be annoyed. The reason why she seems annoyed is that if she was not annoyed she would have made it into longer sentences. to me short sentences make it seem like they are annoyed..
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