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Short Sentence Structure

posted Jan 17, 2011 17:34:55 by kelkleine
The author chose to write short sentences. I think that the author did this because she wanted to get right to the point. She seems angry, and typically when you are angry you tend to talk in quick, short tones. The way she structured the poem made it clear to see how she felt. She felt that she was not heard enough and no one got to see the real her. She may have been left in the dark and misjudged. She says the word “talk” a lot, which I am guessing she did not get to do enough of. Or maybe she talked, but no one listened. The way writers write their sentences has a lot to do with what you get out of the poem. If the author would have chosen to write in long sentences, we may have not gotten the point as easily. But by repeating words, like she did, we knew exactly what she was talking about.
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kelkleine said Jan 18, 2011 02:11:11
What age group generally talks or writes in short sentences? How might this poem reflect that age group? Also, you mention that she seems angry--what lines and or words are proof of her anger?

For a bit of background, Rita Joe attended a school for Native Americans (which she was) that punished children for speaking in their native language and destoyed the native people's cultural ideals. Why do you think she focuses on "talk"? What is it about "talk" that the "you" in the poem wanted to change? Who would be the "you" at a school?
tparsons93 said Jan 19, 2011 16:12:47
I think the teenage age group probably would talk in short sentences the most, however I have heard many adults talk this way too. For example, when my mom is angry, she is short with me. I think it is just a natural thing to do. In line 5 she says “You snatched it away” and that is where I think she seems angry. I think she focuses on “talk” because she may have lacked the opportunity to talk and voice her opinion because she was discriminated for her heritage. The “you” may be a teacher or whoever was not letting her talk.
katelynnthewonderful said Jan 20, 2011 16:29:09
I agree with you tparsons93. I think that our age group talks in short sentences out of the most age groups. I know when I get mad at people I tend to be short with them. I think this is just a natural reaction for most people. I can understand why she would be mad, because if someone was restricting me to voice my opinion, I would not be happy either. I think this poem is very well written and gets right to the point.
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