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Four Words to Describe a King's Life

posted Jan 17, 2011 16:46:27 by JewFro123
Percy Bysshe Shelley uses select words to describe the environment and situation the Traveler is in. Four words I found particularly descriptive are: antique, sneer, decay, lone. The word antique (land) is used to give a setting for the reader, offering a sense of old and decrepit. The word “sneer” describes the sculptor that Shelley is trying to get across to the reader. I got the sense that the sculpture of the king was not of a grateful king. He did not appreciate his people and commanded them with a cold reign. The word “decay” describes the gratefulness this king’s people had for him. No one was there for his image after he passed. They let his self-praised statue crumble in the same way he let his relationship for his people crumble. Shelley uses the word “lone” to tell of the surroundings of the now decayed king. His people have deserted him, “Nothing besides remains.” (12) In the end, people will remember you not for what you do, but how you treat them.
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kelkleine said Jan 18, 2011 01:48:41
Excellent word choices! You mention that that "No one was there for his image after he passed." What does the poem suggest about the king's rule? If the people did want to remember the king, what should be in the desert instead of the "Nothing" citied in line 12? How many years do you think have passed since the statue was build, and what evidence is provided in the poem?
tparsons93 said Jan 18, 2011 15:50:41
I'm replying to Ms. Kleine's post. I think that the poem suggests that the king was very popular at one point in time, but now has been forgotten and is no longer important. If the people wanted to remember the king, the statue should not be in a desert, it should be put in an important building or such thing. I think about 100 years has passed since the king was important.
JewFro123 said Jan 18, 2011 15:54:59
The poem suggests that the king's rule was a "cold command". (5) I derived that he did not appreciate his people and bossed them around as slaves. The "Nothing" cited in line 12 describes the king's surroundings. There is not even a small village left behind from his kingdom. All his people have moved off his poisoned land. I believe much time has passed since the statue was built. In line 13, "Of that colossal wreck" provides evidence that the statue has been there for some time.
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